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Australia is a great country to live and work in measured by the general well-being and level of satisfaction and happiness of individuals. Australian Government allows specialists all around the world apply for temporary and permanent employer sponsored visas, ensuring the protection of health, income level and security is guaranteed.

Work visas can be temporary for 2 or 4 years depending on the occupation, visa stream and employment conditions. Temporary visas allow companies operating in Australia to employ people from overseas and can be a pathway to the Australian permanent residency. For more details, please check RSMS AND ENS MIGRATION.

For the applicant to come to Australia to work, the prospective employer must first be approved as a sponsor and then nominate the applicant as a prospective employee. Only after these two requirements are met a visa application can be considered.

As this process is rather complex, employers in general are quite reluctant to act as  sponsors, especially in cases when they have not met the prospective employee in person. In some cases, we can assist in organising the eliglble employment for our client. For more information, please check VACANCIES