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Jobs in Australia 

Occupational training



We are offering occupational training for people with agricultural experience at livestock, poultry, dairy, vegetable, fruit, grain, etc. farms in Australia. Duration of employment offered - 12 months.




This program was developed in consultation with the National Farmers Federation, Pork Australia, Dairy Australia and is at the standard required by the industry. Upon completion of the program, the candidate would have learnt operational principles of the best Australian farms, skills and abilities to employ the most advanced agricultural technologies and machinery and sustainable agricultural practices. In addition to workplace-based training, the candidate studies a set of online units in his/her specialisation. Online learning platform is provided by Rural Skills Australia - a leader in agricultural education in Australia. Upon completion of the program and provided the employers consent has been secured, the applicant might be eligible to apply for a temporary work visa valid for up to 4 years or in some cases - for migration.




The candidates are selected based on the following criteria:


Criterion 1. Education and work experience:

  •  The candidate is undertaking studies in an agricultural occupation and has completed at lease two years and has experience in this occupation


  •  The candidate has completed studies in an agricultural occupation not more than 1 year ago and has experience in the occupation


  •  The candidate has completed studies in an agricultural occupation and has work experience of at least 12 months in the last 2 years


  •  The candidate does not have relevant educational qualifications, but has work experience in an agricultural occupation of at least 3 years including at least 12 months in the last 2 years.


Criterion 2. English ability:

The candidate’s English language ability as at an intermediate level: understands English speech and can quite confidently communicate on familiar topics; understands instructions and can seek clarification; understands a simple written text and can write a text on a familiar topic that generally has grammatically correct sentence structures.




  •  Experience in a western country, such as Denmark, Sweden, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.
  •  Ability to work under pressure and achieve daily and weekly KPIs as set by employer 
  •  Positive attitude towards work, new skills acquisition and achieving work quality.
  •  Ability to work unsupervised and complete the tasks in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.
  •  Communication skills
  •  Readiness to work overtime and irregular hours at the peak times
  •  Having qualifications, skills and experience necessary to undertake work in the occupation.




  1. You provide us with your resume in English.
  2. If upon assessing your resume we make a decision that you meet the program criteria, we conduct the first interview (by telephone or Skype). The interview is conducted by the program manager in English.
  3. We send your resume out to prospective employers. 
  4. As soon as we have found an employer interested in employing you, the second interview is conducted, this time with the prospective employer (also by telephone of Skype).
  5. Upon completion of the first four steps, an agreement is signed and we start the application process.




Duties and responsibilities 

Duties and responsibilities will differ depending on the candidate’s experience and the type of farm. Generally, the duties include:

  • Assisting the farmer/farm manager with all aspects relevant to the farm’s operations
  • Planning of and participation in the production process
  • Use of the relevant equipment
  • If required, maintenance of equipment and machinery used on the farm
  • Following occupational health and safety procedures


Work schedule

38-40 hours per week + overtime (paid separately and at a higher rate)



AU$30,000 - AU$45,000 per year  (base pay) + overtime ($15-20 per hour ) + additional payments or allowances.


Additional payments:

  • 4 weeks paid annual leave
  • superannuation 9.25% of the base salary (upon completion of the program you can apply to have these funds paid out to you)



Usually provided on the farm at a small cost

In order to establish your eligibility, please email us your updted Resume, and the corresponding reference letters from previous employers.