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Check you English

Please use the information below to check your approximate level of English. You can use the results for your visa eligibility assessment

You know only a few words in English. Sometimes you can understand simple sentences and requests, but you can only answer in simple pre-learnt phrases.
2.5 – 3.5
22/70/360 – 32/97/400
You can communicate on general familiar topics from everyday life. You can express yourself in most basic situations (ask for directions, tell about yourself, talk about weather…) You use pre-leant sentences. You can understand the meaning of a simple short text on a familiar topic and can write a few simple sentences about yourself or another person (a friend or relative).
You can confidently communicate on a range of familiar everyday topics. However, your vocabulary is still limited, you often don’t understand what is being said and can use only simple grammatical structures. You can understand a general meaning and find relevant information in a simple written text on a familiar topic and can write short simple sentences that in most cases can convey the intended meaning to the reader.
4.5 – 5.0
52/150/475 – 61/175/500
You understand English speech and can quite confidently communicate on familiar topics. The ability to communicate is less dependent on the context and the topics include not only information about yourself and other essential information. Your vocabulary is still not very broad and you still cannot speak quickly, as you require time to construct a grammatically correct sentence in your head. You understand a simple text and can write a text yourself on a familiar topic, have good sentence structure, which is enough for personal written communication.
Upper Intermediate
5.5 – 6.0
70/195/525 – 79/213/550
In general, your level of English is good. You use complex sentences, can understand a meaning of written texts on various topics. You can already participate in discussions and disputes to a certain degree and express your opinion. But you still need to work on your grammar and expand your vocabulary. Can express yourself in a written form, sometimes using different styles.
6.5 – 7.5
89/231/575 – 100/250/600
You know the language well and can already select which language tools to use depending on the situation. You are not always certain about using different communication styles. You can effectively participate in various social and professional situations, not too complex from the language point of view. You can participate in lengthy discussions, especially on familiar topics, using complex language structures. You can read and understand authentic texts and can see beyond the obvious meaning. You can already change the style of writing depending on your goal and situation.
8.0 – 9.0
You use the English language easily. You have a good tempo. You can see difference in meaning, read fluently. All you need is to continue to expand your vocabulary.