иммиграция в Австралию 
Jobs in Australia 

Our Services

  • Selection of a program of study and education provider in accordance with the client’s requirements.
  • Recommendations on how to choose study programs
  • Preparation of a plan for studying in Australia
  • Ensuring that the client meets relevant visa requirements
  • Enrolment in programs
  • Assistance with obtaining a visa

Student Visa

Student visas are for those who are interested in studying in Australia. A student visa can be applied for if the duration of the chosen study program is longer than three months. Programs of less than three months’ duration can be undertaken on a tourist visa.

Every level of education in Australia has a corresponding student visa subclass:

570: English Language Sector

571: School Sector

572: Vocational Education Sector

573: Higher Education Sector - Bachelor Degree and Masters by coursework

574: Postgraduate Research Sector - Masters by research and doctoral degrees

575: Non-award Sector - studies not leading to any formal qualification

Also, there are special visas for parents/relatives/guardians who wish to accompany the student to Australia if the student is under the age of 18.

According to immigration laws, every country is assigned an assessment level ranging from 1 to 5. Documentation required and the criteria that must be met when applying for a student visa depend on the assessment level of the student's country of passport.

Also depending on the assessment level of the student’s country of passport, family members (spouses and children) may accompany the student to Australia.

Students and their family members also have work rights in Australia.