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English for migration purposes

Australia is an English speaking country. Therefore, Australian Government ensures migrants learn and speak English before moving to Australia.

When applying for any skilled or working visa you need to provide valid results of the English language test. In addition to IELTS, accepted by any Australian Authorities, the Department also accepts results of TOEFL IBT, OET, PTE Academic, CAE. To compare results of these tests, please check TEST RESULTS.

Different visas have different minimum requirements for the English test results. The most generic information is below, for more details contact us.

Temporary working visas

5.0 overall score with at least 4.5 in each band

For 2-years skilled visas only. For 4-years skilled visas at least 5.0 in each band will be required.
Permanent visas 6.0 in each band

Higher scores are needed for some occupations and may be requested for state/territory sponsorship.

Members of the family unit over 18 applying as secondary applicants for permanent visas 4.5 overall score If the secondary applicant does not have required score or refuses to sit the test, an additional fee is payable to the Department (secondary applicant English language charge).